Sunday, October 9, 2011

Getting Voluntold

Let's begin with a definition, shall we?
Voluntold:  v Being volunteered for something by a spouse or significant other that you were totally unaware of.
Example:  My wife voluntold me that I was going to coach our sons soccer team.
On Friday I was sitting in our break room hating myself and enjoying a cinnamon roll.  Hating myself for the wasted empty calories, but relishing the rich ooey gooey goodness with a stout cup of black of coffee.

Our doctor came into the break room with a soda in his hand and a to go box from the doctor's dining hall.  "I am going to have to leave.  My wife just called and I need to go home and get her then bring her back to the ER."

"Oh no!  Is she okay?"

"She's fine, but she called me crying because her back hurts so bad.  She never cries.  She's been complaining a back pain for a few days, but now it's unbearable.  I walked to work today, so I have to go home then drive her here."

I immediately said, "Do you want a ride home?"
"Would you do that? It's only about five blocks.  Is your car near by?"
My coworker Jared said, "It's just in the south garage."  We all park within a small range of each other, and there is a bridge that leads from the garage to an entrance one floor below our department.

"I would really appreciate that," and Dr. G continued to look directly at me.  Probably because I was the one who offered to give him a ride...
I promptly turned to Jared who was standing just behind me and gave him a look...

Jared only betrayed his start by a small blink.  He immediately said, "I think I have my keys on me, but let me grab my wallet."  

When Jared returned to work later that afternoon I said, "Sorry I just voluntold you to take Dr. G to get his wife.  But I figured guys should drive guys..."

He laughed and said, "No problem.  I caught on pretty quick when you turned and gave me the look.  I'm not always so quick.  Then when I dropped Dr. G off in front of his apartment he said, 'You are waiting and will drive us right back?'  Suuuure!"  

Poor Jared.  He was voluntold to chauffeur the doctor to his house by me, then voluntold by the doctor to act as ambulance service for the doctor's wife!

By the way:  Last I heard she was okay.  Probably kidney stones. Ouch.


gianna said...

I'm so with you on the guys should drive guys thing, but that's hysterical! Those doctors, man! I never knew how much they need nurses and other staff to help them AND their families! Usually it takes a great wife, too! Because if they don't have a great wife, then it falls back on the staff again!

Dawn said...

Glad you got to finish your coffee and cinnamon roll! Wasn't that the real concern???? lol!