Friday, October 14, 2011

You Can Stop Worrying About Oliver

 Why look at that pretty little thing!  Isn't it cute how her the way her hair grows on her snout makes it look like it's wet?

We had friends over for dinner last Saturday night.

After the OU game of course because we do not have a large TV, and I do not watch sports.  I take naps or chat during sports.  The talking has lead to the loss of two friends...At least I assume it was the talking during sports events as these two friends invited me to a girls night during an OU game, but were annoyed when I talked in the car while the game was on.


They have not asked me to a single event since...

Moving on.

So, we had friends over AFTER the game.  We celebrated a victory with Mexican pile on.  (There's never a bad time for Mexican.)  And then we celebrated an even more with a rousing game or 5 of Sequence.  (Our lives are on the cutting edge of excitement, I'm tellin' ya!)

We had to play five games as the winner had to be best of five....

The ladies won.  Of course...

It was pouring rain on Saturday night.  /this meant that four fifths of our menagerie was in the house...

Kittens in the doll strollers.

Kelsey in her bed.

And Chesney all over the place.

My friend said, "I never see Oliver."  I told her not to worry because although it had been pouring rain a good portion of the day, I had seen him a few minutes before their arrival strolling down the street.  Dry as a bone.  "Oliver goes where Oliver wants to go."

Kelsey is forever going to be raising young.

Wednesday I had the day off.  After taking the girls to school, I came home to do some much needed housework...And instead wasted two hours trying to figure out how to hook my DVD recorder to record off of our TV.  We ditched Dish, and are officially on antenna TV.  While this is no skin off of my back, it is a problem for Survivor.  Sure I can watch it the next day on my computer, but that screen is even smaller than our TV!

Anyway, I finally realized that our DVD recorder is so old, it simply can't recognize the channels, and I would need to get a converter box for it to be able to record digital TV.

Dang the government and their insistence on wasting tax dollars by requiring all TV be digital.

But the point of this post is not my lack of ability to record Survivor since that heathen network moved Survivor to WEDNESDAY after ten years of being on THURSDAY and I am in choir on Wednesday...

The point is that I realized on Saturday that people the world over are obviously chewing their fingers to the bone worrying about Oliver and his well being. 

"What does he think of Chesney?" 

"How has he handled the kittens?" 

"Did his hair grow back to it's former glory after you brutally shaved him for the summer?"

Oliver decided to come in the house on Wednesday.  He came in right before Chesney came in.

Chesney gamboled over to him with greetings of cheer and puppy licks.  He smacked her firmly in the face about four times.  She let out a giant yelp and ran away...

And he laid down on the tile and took a nap.

And there he remained until I woke him with my workout.  He got up, glared at me, and sauntered over to Kelsey's bed where he laid down.  And took another nap...

Well, after my defeat at the hands of a DVD recorder, I was so emotionally and mentally exhausted, I decided I needed a nap myself!  I forced myself to put away the five loads of laundry I had folded on the couch, turned the Netflix on to Wallace and Grommett, and laid down for a nap of my own. (After all, I needed a place to lie down for my nap!)

I woke up to find Oliver napping in the love seat catty corner to me.  (Catty corner.  Heheh.  I crack me up.)

I finally kicked him out when I went to pick the girls up for school, over 6 hours since he had first strolled through the garage door.

So, clearly April and the rest of his fans the world over can rest easy.  You need not worry about the safety and well being of Mr. Flufferpants.  He seems to be holding his own.


Sarah Kamolz said...

HAHA! I love Sir Flufferpants! I'm glad people are as concerned as I am!

Paula said...

Your "friends" were shocked that you talked through sporting events. Hmmmmmm they weren't very good friends or they would have totally known this about you.

Dawn said...

Ditto, Paula. And you are so quiet about your love of football. Had they never heard that from you? Your menagerie is growing! Don't you need to get another gerbil or something? And in my brain, old DVD recorder is anoxymoron. Because isn't dvd recording like, still cutting edge technology?

gianna said...

You know why I love reading your blog? Because except for the whole being a nurse thing, I could write it for you.
Well, okay, I don't have any animals (except for our bird Sundrop and our goldfish, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and even though they are beautifully created creatures from God, I don't count them as pets. More like annoyances)

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Awww. Okay, I'm totally in love with your menagerie of pets. They're all SO cute. I'm quite glad they're all safe. And now I want to gather my friends for a game night. 'Cause those are awesome.

Amy said...

I love this stuff!