Saturday, November 12, 2011

Going Nowhere...

My parents took my girls to the lake with them Friday night after my mom's appointment in Oklahoma City.  My sister was there with her family.  I'm not sure, but judging by this picture, I believe they had fun.

I think fishermen classify a catch like this one a successful day, even if it's all they catch.

Even if they nearly froze to death in the process of bringing home the bounty.

Brent got up early Saturday morning to retrieve the girls, and I went to an all day choir rehearsal...I don't think he really felt it was a sacrifice considering he's nuts for fishing.

Oh, were you wondering where they had such fantastic luck?  

I'm not sure exactly how one gets there.
I do know it's not here.

I also know it's not there.

I guess the easiest way to tell you is this:

So the next time somebody tells you that you're on the road to nowhere, I suggest you say, "That's fine.  I hear the fishing is excellent!"

Unless the tornado, floods, or earthquakes we had Friday and Monday night wiped out the whole place...

Then it may not be the ideal road to head down.
Just sayin'...

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note:  What is the DEAL with these earthquakes!  Friday night I thought we were having a tornado that was shaking the walls, then I very briefly thought the rapture was happening...then Brent said, "it's an earthquake" and I was even more freaked!  Tornadoes give you warning, and if you live in Oklahoma, the warning system is outstanding...

But earthquakes?  Nope.  You're just sitting on the couch watching "Big Bang Theory" and suddenly you think there's a big roll of thunder, then you lose your equilibrium, then you realize it's not you, it's the earth!

Freaky...I'm tellin' ya.

But I'll get off that tangent now.

Who wants to go fishin'?


gianna said...

I thought the SAME thing when we had a tornado 20 years ago in Minnesota. I was convinced that it was the rapture. I was playing in my band at our high school's graduation and I just kept watching my friend who I knew was saved and thought, "If she's going up, I better be too!" I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that!

Marilyn said...

'Great pictures and good looking kids. I forgot that I had really been nowhere last weekend.

Paula said...

It was a great weekend. We left Sunday and then an EF 4 tornado hit that area Monday night. I know it stayed over open land, but crossed the damn at the lake. Any word on tornado damage there? We want to go back soon.

Dawn said...

Haha! Paula!! A dam on the lake does not have an 'n'. I'm tellingly Mom you typed a bad word!
Question--if you are on a boat, can you feel an earthquake?

KiteFlyer said...

Great question, Dawn!

I have to say I gigglesnorted at Paula's cursing faux pas.

And, I agree, Andi, I much prefer tornadoes to earthquakes. You can take shelter underground from a tornado, but, underground is where the earthquake lives.