Sunday, November 13, 2011


Wednesday was a lovely fall day.  The kids asked me to take them to the park.  Now, I have to admit that when we go to our park, I tend to just turn them loose and sit on a sunny bench and read.  However, it was too brisk to sit on a cold concrete bench, so I decided to join them on their adventure.  You see, our park has a little forest.  I was so pleasantly surprised at how lovely the little trail was!  It is definitely a photo opportunity.

Anyway, Popcorn found one of those pods with large seeds in them that some trees have.  I don't know what they're called.  But, no, they're not locust trees.  The pods were about an inch wide and the seeds were bigger than lima beans...Anyway, one of the seeds was sprouting.

"I'm going to go home and plant it!  Then we will FINALLY have a climbing tree at our house!"

"Honey, it takes like ten years for a tree to get big enough to climb."

"Fine.  Then I will wait until I'm 19 to plant it."

So that was odd reasoning...

"Why don't you just plant it now, and then when your kids are growing up they can climb it?"

"Ufff!  Fine!  Then I will have to be overprotective and go out and watch them...It will be so ANNOYING!  Gosh!"

And I burst out laughing.

Her brain is weird.


Dawn said...

Catalpa tree? If that is what it is (the leaves are huge), they are actually pretty fast growing. But still, I think she will outgrow the urge to climb before it actually gets big enough!

Marilyn said...

Mindy is so funny and I can see her still climbing trees when she is 19...If the pod is somewhat round it is a catalpa tree. If it is large but flat, it could be a different type of locust. Go ahead and plant it. One more tree never hurt anything....unless it is a red cedar.

KiteFlyer said...

"I will wait until I'm 19 to plant it." Wha- huh?

Child logic, I guess...

Planting for the next generation?

If it was opportunistic, where are the photos? (Just kidding. If there's one thing - and only one thing - I'm guilty of, it's that I pretty much always think after-the-fact that I should have taken pictures.)

American in Bath said...

I could go for some american chicken right about now. Thanks for the smile.