Thursday, January 19, 2012


Okay, just to be clear for those who don't know me: I truly do say "wrestling." I even put the "ing" on it, which is a pretty big deal here in Oklahoma.  Makes me seem all proper like and ever'thin'...

Tonight I took the girls to a fine Mexican establishment for dinner.  Studmuffin was eating Buffalo Wild Wings with a friend, and rather than use the practical "save money" route, I went with the "Dad gummit if he's eating out, I am too" route.  I really like that route.  As I was having a brief accidental conversation with my sister (the kind where you don't mean to call her, but then the call doesn't go through so it's okay, but then she gets all mannerly like and calls you back anyway) and I over heard the following conversation between my two girls.  I made them repeat the entire thing, just for accuracy sake. 

Because I immediately recognized it as a very blogworthy moment, and those are few lately.

And I'm thorough that way.

Bookworm was telling Popcorn about a wrestling match.  You see, Bookworm is our local expert on many, many things, and she was the most informed of all things wrestling at our little table of three.  Because A) She reads voraciously, and B) She actually saw a real live wrestling match, which all sixth graders were required to attend to support their school...

Popcorn:  Do you think I could take down an eighth grader?

Bookworm:  I don't think so.  They're really tall.

Popcorn:  Well that's when you bite'em!

Bookworm:  There is no biting in wrestling.

Popcorn:  Then I'll pinch them!  (Sadly, she took down a cousin that has a good thirty pounds on her by this very technique.  Not all of my parenting moments are proud ones.)

Bookworm:  There's no pinching in wrestling either!

Popcorn:  Oh.  Well then I'll just punch him in the FACE!

Bookworm:  There's no punching in wrestling.


Me:  That's called wrestling with rules.

Popcorn:  Wrestling with rules is unnatural.


Being the dignified parent that I am, I burst out laughing.  Very loudly.

I don't understand the point of quiet laughter.  It's just no fun.

Unless you're laughing so hard that you go all silent laughter, and you can't inhale because you're laughing so hard, and then if you're in my family you suck in a giant breath of air...

And then you sigh a long drawn out sort of high pitched sigh like about an "A" above middle "C"...

And then if you're all together as a family, the gasp and sigh somehow synchronize so that starts an entirely new round of silent laughter that makes my dad's face get alarmingly red, and you almost fear he will have a stroke, but nonetheless you can't stop laughing long enough to make him stop laughing...

What has made you laugh lately?

Proverbs 17:22 A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

P.S.  I really should avoid this particular establishment as it was the sight for the great choking debacle of 2010.

Really, you should totally click that link for a refresher laugh, even if you've already read it.


Marilyn said...

Well, I laughed and laughed until I had to gasp for air and tears streamed down my face. You dad hasn't read this yet but I will post his dramatic reaction later. they are sooooo funny.

Dawn said...

Just as I expected! Popcorn--Witty! It's the second child thing, I guess--How do they come up with that so quickly? And about the parenting moment--I think it sounds pretty good that she took down a cousin. I'm sure it was a mutual battle!

Do you think anyone else's family has a laugh and a finale like ours?