Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Peeps On a Stick

 Last week we finally fetched my girls from their grandparents after being away from home for eight whole days.  We met my dad at a nearby lake.  As we were headed out Studmuffin asked what we were doing about supper, "Because we will be getting there about 6 and you know the girls will be hungry."

So, we threw some drinks and condiments into an ice chest, grabbed a bag of charcoal and chips then ran into the store to grab enough hot dogs to feed a small army.  After all, my 16 year old nephew and one of his friends was going to be there too, so I figured it wouldn't be possible to have too much to eat.

Anyway, I have more to say about our trip to the lake, or rather to SHOW you about our trip, but today's post is not about the lake. It is about Peeps.

Or rather, S'mores made out of Peeps.  

Perhaps we should call them S'Meeps?

Why do all of my posts begin with topics that are irrelevant to my actual post?  Gentle Reader, it is entirely possible that you should pity the people who are frequently inundated with my circular conversations.

 So as we were dashing through the store, grabbing all beef hot dogs and buns, Studmuffin caught site of some Peeps.  "We should make S'mores out of those!"

 And so we did.


MommaMindy said...

what a great idea! i wanna do this!

Taylor said...

Cute idea ! :)

Dawn Castor said...

That man is full of great ideas! I hope no children were traumatized by the roasting/lighting of a peep and then seeing its innards dripping from between two graham crackers.

I think I'm gonna go buy some of these!