Tuesday, March 27, 2012


When my kids were at my folks Studmuffin took me to Freddy's Frozen Custard.

As we stood at the counter placing our order, the cashier looked out the window at all of the traffic stopped and said, "Oh my!  I wonder what is going on?"  And then we heard an ambulance siren and saw a pink ambulance blow through the intersection.

"Why look at that!  That ambulance is pink!  How cah-yoot!" bubbled the cashier.

Well, every bossy and opinionated particle of my being rose up in ire and came spewing out my mouth.  "I've been noticing those outside my hospital and they annoy the fire out of me.  Who paid for that pink paint?  The taxpayers?  An private donor?  What a waste of money!  It would be better served to just give the money for the paint to breast cancer research!  Just like when all of those football players wore pink accented uniforms with pink shoes and had special helmets and everything.  Instead of wasting all of that money on pink uniforms, how about just GIVING that money to cancer research!"

Strangely, she just kind of looked at me in shock.  And then she asked me if I wanted to make my single California steakburger a combo.

Studmuffin reached up and patted my shoulder and said "Yes she does."

And seeing a light at the end of my tirade she interjected, "Because you don't want to have to share yours, right?"

He readily agreed, grabbed our drink cups and ushered me over to the drink station where I couldn't pour out my wrath on any unsuspecting cashiers.

*Disclaimer:  Gentle Reader, please do not be mislead into thinking that I actually watched a football game or anything.  but I did hear about it.  And I was righteously indignant.

Oh yes I was.

P.S.  Studmuffin just told me that I should point out that people of a certain age should not wear clothing saying "Pink."  You know what he means.  Especially with the word across certain parts of the anatomy.
"Because once the letters bow outward..."


Dawn Castor said...

Ill keep that advice in mind next time I'm tempted to wear that particular costume er I mean outfit! But what if one of the letters disappear? Isn't that even worse?

KiteFlyer said...

At least she didn't ask you if you wanted some Pepto Bismol. Your husband (I couldn't bring myself to type his nickname) probably would've had to physically restrain you from going over the counter.

Paula said...

So Andi...what do you think about those I Love Boobies bracelets that are sold at carnivals, fairs and flea markets to raise money for breast cancer research. UGH