Friday, March 23, 2012

She's Just Like Me: Only Prettier.

Last weekend my niece Molly got married.  I had the privilege of helping with set up and clean up.  The set up was great fun.  I was able to laugh and work and enjoy myself, because after all, I'm just the aunt and absolutely not one portion of that wedding was going to be a reflection on me...The clean up?  Well, let's just say that by that point some of the romance of the moment had worn off.

I had help the morning of with quiches and topping cheesecakes in the form of Molly's aunt on her father's side, and a lovely lady who puts my bossiness to shame...And that says a LOT!

Anyway, as the wedding reception began we helped to ensure that the hors d'oeuvres trays were well stocked as the bride and groom snapped a few more photos before coming to cut the cake...

As the cake began to be served I realized none of the servers had set out cups for the punch, and nobody was using their provided tea cup to get punch, so the bossy lady and I grabbed the extra clear plastic cups and began to ladle up some punch...And I MAY have gyrated a little to the love songs blaring through the sound system.

As I walked away from the serving line some time later I saw a very exuberant lady wave at me and give me a big thumbs up.  I smiled in a friendly sort of way and waved back...

She called out to me "You MUST be Dawn's sister!!!"

"Why yes, I am.  How could you tell?"  After all, there is very little family resemblance.  And it's not as if by some weird coincidence we all three sisters showed up in navy dresses...

"Oh my goodness!  You even sound like her!  How exciting!"  And she clapped some more and smiled even more exuberantly.  She turned to her daughter, "Look at her!  Doesn't she look JUST LIKE Dawn?"

Her daughter, appearing maybe 13 or 14, smiled and agreed.  Well, never one to pass up an opportunity to ham it up, I gave her daughter "the look" and they both burst out laughing and clapped some more.  Oh, do you know what the look is?  Well, sadly I don't have any self portraits of it, but I do have a picture I snapped of Popcorn having the nerve to mimic "the look."

Although, my real one may appear more like this:

Regardless, the lady at the wedding thought that was absolutely the coolest thing EVER.

At least, I'm guessing so, judging by her clapping and thumbs up and laughter...

Who knew that looking like my sister was such a cause for celebration?

Of course, with sister's like this just having them is cause for celebration!


Dawn Castor said...

Ha! I'd love to know who the lady with the daughter was! Thanks soooo much for all your help. The romance was pretty finished off by the time cleanup rolled around! You are the prettier one! Lol! A compliment to one is one for all!

Freckled Hen said...

I love this post! I don't look like my sisters, we have different hair colors. People meet me then them and often give me that look like too bad for you!
PS You guys all look so sweet and nice!