Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Beautiful Moment

Last Sunday was awkward.

Which is really not all that unusual for a person always going, going, going, who's mouth works faster than her brain, and drinks entirely too much coffee.

Anyhoo, I was asked by our worship pastor to sing on praise team with his kids while he was out leading a revival.  And I felt awkward, but decided to do it.

And then between first and second service my husband pointed out that I bumped up the average age of the group by about 8 years...He said it was like:  Oh, Dave's kids are leading worship.  Cool.  And Andrea?  Huh.

My husband.  Always there to lift me up.

Obviously after being so encouraged I was not at all uncomfortable for second service.  However, as all second services go, (hello to anyone who has to lead worship to an 8am crowd) it was energetic and I soon lost my sense of paranoia that everyone was wondering what I was doing up there with that group of kids...

And then it was over, and the preacher began.  I turned, put my mike in the stand and stooped to grab my purse and Bible that I had stashed under one of the choir chairs.

And the button on my pants popped.

And I was just relieved that it occurred as I was leaving stage after second service and not when I took a big gasp of air during the "I'll Fly Away/Some Glad Morning" medley that we had started the service with.


Steve Finnell said...

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Megan said...

I so hope that I'm laughing with you!

Dawn Castor said...

Heehee! Awkward

Freckled Hen said...

You are so funny! At least you sang with them, I would have wanted to but would have been too shy. Love your story below about the plants on the side of the road, my mother always does this, she talks plants nonstop and asks about the houseplants she gave me more than about her grandchildren.