Sunday, May 6, 2012

Reptile Relocation Project

I'm not sure I have enough things occupying my life.  Like flowers.  Obviously, a girl can never have too many flowers.

Fortunately, this turtle showed up at our house today.  Knowing someone at our house kills not only chickens, mice, gophers, mocking birds, but also TURTLES,it was immediately obvious to my husband that we should relocate this turtle to a better home.  And it was immediately apparent to me that perhaps I should join this family outing because: 
A) I needed a blog 
B) I thought perhaps we would spy some flowers, and therefore
C) I could perhaps manipulate certain members to aid me in the acquisition of the aforementioned flowers.

So after church we went on a reptile relocation trip...

And there just happened to be wild flowers on our route to our turtle relocation site!
Who knew?
 Well, of course I knew.
But only because I'm mildly psycho.
And tight. 
Which in my case may go hand in hand.

We released this little fellow at a nearby creek fed pond.

He quickly displayed his sliding skills by sliding right past the Bud Light box and right on down to the pond.  (Can I just say that there seems to be more beer and cigarette litter than just about anything else?)

After safely delivering our turtle, we went on a flower run.  However, some of my helpers seemed to lack the proper focus.  Girls!  Seriously?  I do NOT desire any of these in my yard.

 There was nothing to be done but take my trusty sharp shooter and moccasin clad foot and start digging...

Of course, Studmuffin dug more than his fair share of flowers.

We shall see if these paint brushes fare any better than the last ones I "relocated."  They certainly can't do worse!

Gentle Reader:  A certain canine, who does NOT eat wildlife ate an entire jalapeno plant.  Apparently, the plants themselves do not burn the palate.  I bought another jalapeno plant and added it to the multi purpose rescue bed in my front yard.

Are you tired of flower/animal posts yet?  
Too bad.  
This is all I've got.

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Marilyn said...

It was too cool here to do much adventuring after church on Sunday soooooooooo, I just took a nap.