Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's Nurses Week. Where's My Present?

We went to see Avengers.  It is official:  New York City is not the place to be.  If aliens are going to attack, that will be their location of choice according to Hollywood.  And since I believe in all truths put forth by Hollywood, I will forebear to avoid New York City.

At least that's as good of an excuse as any for why I won't ever get there.  Finances could be a gigantic very small portion of my reason, but none the less...

My friend Megan apparently fractured her arm and tailbone some time ago.  She is a wise girl who realized that going to the doctor to learn if the break was real was a complete waste of time.  After all, surely pain and suffering are enough to self diagnose!

I think I have a stress fracture in my right foot from digging all of my lovely flower beds.  It has hurt for three weeks solid, and the area of pain moves around.  Now my knee hurts and I'm blaming it on my foot hurting because I'm unconsciously favoring my right foot.

My solution?  I will endeavor to avoid digging for a week or so and see if it gets better.  I will not give up and rest it.  Or go to the doctor.

Doctors are only for those who've truly given up all other avenues of healing.

Resting is for quitters.

Or stupid people who don't have the patience to heal.

Take your pick.

I found out that my Mom thinks the reason I drove so fast growing up was because I had a red car.  I regret to inform all of you that I drove fast even in her tan Taurus.  That family wagon had a governor on it that made it top out at 135 mph.  Thus I was doomed to lose every drag race I entered my sophomore year of high school.

I'm not sure my mom wants to know those facts of my life.

I got the "Safe Driver" award from the teachers one year in high school.  I was baffled by that award.  After all, I thought my speedy ways were common knowledge.  I asked my mom how they chose who got it.  Well, apparently I always had a seat belt on any time they saw me in a car.

Of course I wore a seat belt!  Did they think I was completely stupid?  Any girl driving 80 mph over the speed limit needs to wear a seat belt!  DUH!!!

This is nurse's week.  And nobody has bought me one gift.  I haven't even received my gifts from the hospital as I was swamped with PATIENT CARE.  I hate when my job gets in the way of my fun at work...The charge  nurse is supposed to bring the daily gifts to her nurses when the nurses are too busy to get them...My charge nurse is failing on this note and I've been too busy to whine to her about it.

So I'm whining to you.

I had a friend send me this for nurses day:

Yes, it's tacky.  But I think it is HILARIOUS!  And true.

My husband doesn't really want to think about that...

You probably don't either Gentle Reader.  But now it is forever in your brain.

Your welcome.


KiteFlyer said...

I've always heard that medical practitioners are the worst ones about going to the doctor. I guess it's not urban lore.

I hope your foot gets to feeling better, even if you're not treating it properly.

And Happy Nurses Week. While chiche'd, you all are the unsung heroes of the hospitals.

NaomiG said...

Lol! I have a mom and a sister who are nurses... I am completely immune to the grossness you people talk about. :-)

I will totally race you if we ever should meet on a city street. Haha, ok, maybe I know better now. It'd have to be a country road. :-)

Happy Nurses week. :-) Hope you get your presents!

Crazy Sister said...

I think the picture suits that card perfectly. Very fun!

Marilyn said...

Oh dear, I did not mean that you drove fast because you had a red car. I knew you drove fast anyhow. the red car was for the cops to see you better my dear. I was not totally stupid. Quit whining and go to the Dr. Nurses are such sympathetic or pathetic people. I love you anyhow.

MommaMindy said...

I didn't know it was nurses week, or I would have sent you a case of peroxide. My nurse sister's best friend. :)

The Old-Fashioned Housewife said...

hahah oh my goodness, that is pretty darn funny. :) Happy belated Nurse's week. And thank you for the sweet comments over at my blog. You are right, taking time to take photos of food is a bit of a pain, but I try to do it becuase it sure helps with the blog posts. My trick is to shoot close, and on an angle, and as close to the window with natural light as I can. Works for me. thanks for stopping by! :)