Friday, May 18, 2012

Whining: It Works.

My last post ended with whining.  And all I can say about that is whining is apparently effective.

Dr. G bought us all Hideaway pizza.  Our lead tech bought us candy.  Good candy, as in Almond Joy, Whopper, Hot Tamale, and many many more varieties.

And the administration?  Well, apparently they heard my cries of injustice.  They decided (as a direct result of my blog, no doubt) to give each nurse a twenty dollar gift certificate to Bricktown!

So, don't let anyone tell you whining doesn't work.  Because it OBVIOUSLY does!

Last night we had the pleasure of attending the school band concert.  Now, some of you may feel I'm being facetious with that statement.

You would be wrong.  They are very good, and the director is really good at picking a variety of pieces that are really entertaining.  One such piece was performed by a flute ensemble.  It was one of Handel's classics.  Now, I still have my program, so I could drag my keister off of this couch and go check what it says,but I just finished an 11 hour shift with a ten minute lunch, and I fear my tush may be permanently glued to this spot...

Anyway, it was a Handel piece.  And it was very well done.  One of the flutists is the daughter of my friend.  I decided to text her regarding my enjoyment of the piece.  The following conversation took place.

Me:  When Emily played her ensemble I pretended I was in a castle and dancing promenades and we'd gently touch hands as we circled with a curtsy and gazed into each others eyes from across the aisle...I was wearing a beautiful dress with an empire waste and had a coronet of braids..

Me:  *sigh* it was so romantic

Me:  Of course I was dancing with a knight...

Me:  Just so you are clear on the details.

Roni:  This is Emily...I am glad I could be of service to u to take u on that journey..Lol...Was the knight wearing shining armor or fancy dance clothes?

Me:  Fancy dress clothes.The tights were awkward but I made sure to focus on his eyes.  And the lock of hair that undoubtedly fell over his forehead...

Me:  And he did have a big shiny sword.

Me:  I'm glad it didn't cut my lovely skirts!

Me:  I was wearing delicate embroidered slippers that were impractical but quite delicate and dainty.

Me:  Which is odd considering nothing about me is dainty.  But there ya go.

Me:  Of course in this fantasy I should say "there thee go" instead.

Roni:  Andrea, you crack me up.

Me:  My brain is a scary place to be.

And just so we're clear:  I ramble in person.  I ramble in blog form.  I ramble in text.

I ramble.

What was your latest favorite day dream?


Dawn Castor said...

I love that text! Clearly you have read a Novel or two about such medieval festivities! Although Handel wasn't medieval but who cas? Lol!

Crazy Sister said...

I want to be in The A Team. I want to fly like Murdock, scare like B.A., plot like Hannibal, and charm like Face.

Daydreaming. It's nice!

Roni said...

My computer hasn't been working, so this is the first chance I've had to read your blog. LOL! Yes, I agree with my daughter - you crack me up! I love that you ramble - it's part of what makes you, well, you!

The Accidental Housewife said...

Ha! That would have totally made my day, if I were Emily :)