Thursday, May 31, 2012

Camping: Family, Turtles, Dogs, Fish, and WATER MOCCASINS

We went camping with my mom's family over Memorial Day.  We had lots of fun.

And lots of food.

And lots of sweat.

Because it was hot.

But never fear!  My Uncle JimBob who never considers anything that could be classified as "fun," also "inconvenient" brought his old easy set pool.  My sister in law saw the pool and said, "Someone brought a POOL?  That's is pretty redneck.  But it's really fun too."  And it sure was.

It was the hit of the trip.

Dead Eye got a "new" boat from my cousin Diane's husband, Phil.  Maybe that was the hit of the trip.

My cousin Matt's son shot water moccasins with his BB gun.  While they were still in the water.  Perhaps that was the hit of the trip?

Chesney jumped into the pond and decided to go for a swim.  The pond is  surrounded with cattails and moss.  Grace and I were paddling about in the boat when she decided to join us.  I knew there was no way I could haul a 60 pound dog into the boat, and I didn't want her to get tangled in the reeds, so Phil called her back to shore on a log where he could drag her out.  As she swam to shore, she went straight to a heavily mossy area.   Of course.

Later that same day, the kids were switching places and Kelsey ventured out onto that very log to supervise.  And she got knocked in.  The girls started screeching and panicking, and generally over reacting.  I called her back to the same low spot on the log where Phil had drug Chesney in, grabbed her collar (the water was about 9 feet deep in that spot, per Dead Eye) and pulled her to safety where she trembled and quaked, then ran to the camp grounds where she collapsed in relief under our camper and did not move again until we returned to camp.

Perhaps that was the most memorable moment of the trip?

Oh, wait!  Maybe it was when two little boys decided to moon three little girls in the pool.  I'm pretty sure the girls won't soon forget it.  And since all I could do was chuckle in response to their humble apology, I'm not sure they were as contrite as the adult who scolded hoped when I just laughed.

Or, maybe the most memorable moment was this: 

This is my nephew.  And he almost NEVER lets me take his picture.  But this time he did!  Now, it could be because I took him fishing, and even put the worm on his hook for him.  Then I took the fish off of the hook.  Perhaps the whole worm touching, slimy fish removing thing raised me a few bars in his estimation.

Oh!  Do you see that log right up there?  That became the boat dock.  And this is the very log Kelsey fell off of (have I ever told you she HATES water?).  AND this is the exact log that Logan jumped off of to cool off.  And he learned the water was about 9 feet deep here.

And he learned that not only were there turtles, fish, and water moccasins in the pond, but the pond was also home to LEECHES!  I asked him if he's ever seen "Stand By Me."  He hadn't.  Do you remember the scene where they fall into that little swampy area, and Wil Wheaton's character discovers a leech on his "private body" in the words of my sister?  Well, I just linked that clip up to facebook for his viewing enjoyment.

I regret to report I got no pictures of the wiffle ball game.  I wish I had evidence of this unruly game.  Our rules differ somewhat from other family's wiffle ball, most glaringly by two very obvious differences:  Five strikes to get out, and to tag the person out, you simply throw the ball at them and if it nails them, they're out!

What games do you play with your family get up to whenever you get together?


Dawn Castor said...

I'm pretty sure that you are not supposed to shoot a gun in the water because of ricochet reasons and surely people have been killed. And haven't people been killed by water moccasin venom? And don't those pools sometimes collapse and trap someone between the rubber ring and the bottom? And couldn't your dog drag you into that water with the snakes and turtles and perhaps entangle you in the moss? Truly, this is why I only attend this gathering for one meal. DANGER! :) Sounds fun!

Paula said...

No mention of golf? Bookworm and Studmuffin joined Elvis, The Man and I for a very fun time.

An Island Mom said...

If it's considered redneck to bring a pool with you, then I need more redneck relatives myself. In fact, now that I think about it, that sounds like something I would do, if I had a pool. Well actually, I do have a small blowup one, but it has a leak, so it might not make for a great family memory if it deflates right after everyone just starts having fun.

Robynne's Nest said...

Hi Andi, thanks for dropping by. It certainly looks like you all had a lovely camping holiday...that little lake looks like heaps of fun. Regarding this lovely warm weather we've been having...unlike you worrying that it's a fore-runner of a hot summer, all the Brits here are moaning that we've HAD our summer and that we are now likely to have cool yucky weather! They are such pessemists...but after 3 years here, I know they are probably right! Robx

MommaMindy said...

Yep, you MUST be a Redneck. I gave my husband the highlights of your blog, of course, he couldn't sit still to hear the whole thing read aloud, ya' know the Desk Jockey Elevator Statement Ears he has, but I decided you definately had more fun than we did. I haven't had to worry about poisonous snakes since I left Montana. But, the slugs are out and girl, they HUGE, and if you slipped on one just the right way, you might break a hip or something...

Marilyn said...

It was a wonderful time and what? No pictures of the older members sitting around in their chairs while the mister blew on them. I think next year, I will attempt the pool after everyone has gone to bed. Maybe grandpa and I will even go skinny dipping.