Monday, February 11, 2013

Hashtag...Corned Beef? Cannabis? Conversation?

Another thought on #.  When I hear the word "hash" I think of corned beef and hash.  A not so wonderful dish my Grandmama Dolly liked to eat.  I ate it.

It was okay.

But not as good as her apple pie.


Also, "hash" brings to mind marijuana.  Or cannabis.  Whatever you will...


Or perhaps the phrase, "We still need to hash out the details." 


But hashtag?

And speaking of #, why did it become the "pound sign?"  Why was it ever added to the phone?  What was the point?

I'm pretty sure the automated messages will soon sound like this:

Press 1 for English.

El primo dos para Espanol.

For twitterish press hashtag for any menu consisting of 140 characters or less.


1 comment:

Dawn Castor said...

I say if you'e got facebook, why twitter? You can just check those statuses of people who twitter on facebook. And another thing--hashtags are supposed to keep you organized. I seldom see the same hashtag twice. So If I want to find out what you said earlier, I have to search for one of the 5000 hashtags you might have used.....bleh.