Saturday, February 9, 2013


"Sorry you made a bad decision."

It's a snarky little bit of nastiness I like to toss out to Brent at every opportunity.

And, today my own snarkiness came up and bit me on the butt...

(Pardon the language Gentle Reader.)

So 2012 was a rough year.  Emotionally, financially, blah-bi-dee-blah-blah...

Yet, it was a great year because my kids were healthy, we had a roof over our head, we never went without food, shelter, clothing, whatever...

However we DID have a foundation repair (ouch), a transmission rebuilt, a water pump go out on my car, a new septic system installed, and Brent had a few fender benders that resulted in unexpected expenses.

This year, we are determined to do better.  Stick to our budget, have more fun, get in better shape, clip more coupons...

Rules, rules, rules.


So, with an enthusiastic heart, I went to the bank last Friday, and got the cash for the month.

Saturday we decided to do yard work.  And we decided that we simply MUST have pre-emergent for the yard.  After all, our less cash conservative neighbors were forking out the big bucks to have lawn services treat their yards....

We drove to a local nursery to buy our OWN pre emergent to save a buck or two.

Only, there was no cash allotted for an impulsive yard care buy.  Surely we could just be more careful with our money, perhaps I could clip those coupons I've been stashing in my box for the last month, and it would all balance out!



Fast forward to THIS Friday.  A mere week into the month.

I decided to run to the store. We had no plastic wrap. 

Which, obviously led to me buying Dr. Pepper, "Hotel Transylvania," and granny smith apples for a pie.


As I strolled through Walmart buying what was obviously necessary to my life and the well being of our family, I kept a running tally of my bill...Only sometime between squeezing grape fruit and searching out some nonshriveled oranges (#walmartproducestinks), I forgot my total.

As in, it completely left my brain.  I tried looking in my cart and trying to re-tally the whole lot, "Tide is $12, yogurt $1 each, peanut butter...peeannnnut butterrrrrr.....dang, dang, dang."


After a few minutes spent staring at my cart I gave up, and headed to the check out...

Where I left with a whopping $3.47 in the grocery envelope.

Surely enough to get us through the next 20 days of February.




Southern Gal said...

It's so hard to keep a budget. We try and try. I remember the year we had to replace the drain lines for the septic tank. My husband came in the house after paying the man and yelled, "Hey kids! Daddy bought you a shiny new septic tank for Christmas!" They were not thrilled. I had my first fender bender in November. Court date on my youngest son's birthday. Heaven help me.

Crazy Sister said...

Drat. Been there.

Catching up on your recent posts - you are so funny! I would comment on each of them, but dude, you have word verification...


Dawn Castor said...

yeah....word verification.....