Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Conversations with Kids

I'm better now. I took a nap today, and when I woke up at about 2pm, I was a new person. Well, not really new, but my head no longer feels like it's going to explode. And I was actually able to taste my food at supper. Studmuffin picked up some Joe's Crab Shack for me as a belated birthday dinner. I didn't have to cook it, or do dishes, so it was delicious.

So, I haven't told you any kid stories lately. I know you're life has been sadly lacking. So, here's a story for your reading pleasure.

Well, the Christmas season is upon us. This has gotten our little family thinking of all sorts of Christmasy things. I know. You need an example....

"Hey, Mom? What's a virgin?"

Okay, I was rehearsing a song for a Taste of Christmas for our church, and Bookworm asked me this profound question in the middle of my song. I kindly asked her to wait until I was done, and then I would answer her. This allowed me to wrap my scrambling brain around a good reply....And ask for divine intervention to give me the proper words. My brain was whirling. Unfortunately, the song ended way too soon.

Me: Bookworm, do you know where babies come from?
B: Yes. (She points down there. Hey, she's a nurse's daughter, and she's seen kittens be born.)
Me: Ummm, yes, but do you know how the baby gets in the mommy's tummy?
B: Yes! God puts it there!

Okay, now I'm starting to sweat a little...

Me: Yes, but first the Mommy and Daddy have to make the baby. They have sex, and that makes the baby.

Yes I did! I said sex to my 8 year old daughter! I know, in hind-sight I'm wondering why I didn't use another whoopee, or mating, or.....or.....anything but sex!

B: Oh. So, what does that have to do with a virgin?
Me: You see, Mary was a virgin. This means she had never had sex before. God's Holy Spirit put the baby Jesus in there, and she and Joseph did not have sex until after Jesus was born. So, Jesus was born of the virgin Mary. It was truly a miraculous birth.
B: Oh.......
Me: Do you have any questions? (Please, Lord, I really don't want to have THE TALK with her tonight. Give me words.)
B: Just one.....
Oh great, here we go...
Me: Okay, you can ask me anything.
B: Can little kids say "sex?"

Okay, not the question I was expecting, but I gotta say, I was relieved.....

Me: Yes, if you're asking me about sex, you can say it. But, you don't need to mention this conversation with any of your friends, or talk to them about sex. Come to me so I can tell you the truth. And, your friends' parents need to talk to them about it, just like I did you.

B: Okay.

End of conversation.

I gotta say, I've been expecting follow-up questions, but none have come.



Sarah Castor said...

Yeah! Your kids are growing up! lol. just kidding

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Becky said...

Hey I think you did a great job. My oldest is just turning 7. The talk is eminent. I think its great how you told her to come to you for the truth.

Sandy said...

ha ha! That's great. I love your story. I have a nine-year-old and a 7-year-old. I've successfully avoided all s*x talks to present date. One time we were in a gross public bathroom that had a condom vending machine.

"Mommy, what are those for?"


"Let's talk about it later."

no further mention of said vending machine.

Anyway, thanks for your comment on my blog...and for a good laugh before bed.

Hope you feel better soon.

Dawn said...

I promise more questions are coming......bwahahahah!