Saturday, December 13, 2008

Playing Baby Dolls

Popcorn and I are blessed today....with pink eye. Yeah!

Mine kicked in yesterday, and she started complaining of her eyes hurting last night at 11pm. I got her up, and gave her my eye drops (read here: Studmuffin held her down, while I used a crow bar to get her eyes open for a drop of medicine.) Then I sat on the couch with her head in my lap and a cool cloth on her eyes (I'm not sure this is at all recommended, but she was crying uncontrollably at this time because they hurt so bad. I figured cool moisture would make them feel better.)

Isn't it so hard when your little ones don't really fit in your lap anymore? That was my realization last night. She can no longer curl up in my arms and be comforted. I can remember the sheer exhaustion from getting up with the girls when they were littler. I couldn't wait until they slept through the night, were well again, their nightmares would end, etc....

Now that my late night parenting is so rare I treasure it (unless I'm working the next day, and then I treasure Studmuffin getting up with them!)

God & I were discussing this last night, and I have to tell you... I was sad that my baby was hurting, but I was glad that I was blessed with a quiet moment with her. A time when I had nothing to do, and no distractions. No TV, no telephone ringing, no meals to get the idea. It truly was a blessing.

Studmuffin's aunt was in the area doing some Christmas shopping today. She invited us to dinner, but Popcorn and I stayed home with our cooties, and sent Studmuffin and Bookworm off to enjoy a lovely meal at Red Lobster. Popcorn was bummed (me too, for that matter.)

Please excuse the mess in this picture: We were getting out Christmas decorations. Yes, I'm feeling a little defensive looking at the mess in the background here....but this picture totally captures Popcorns personality....But I've WAY digressed.....

So, we endeavored to have fun. We decided to play babies. It was really fun. It turns out that Popcorn's pretend character teaches 1st grade, and she had been shopping all day (we ran into each other shopping....sad to say, but it took me almost 10 minutes to figure this out.) I invited her over for tea after our long day shopping. I asked her what she'd been shopping for. "Everything. We needed so much stuff, and I hate going to the store all of the time." I had to smother a laugh. That is so what I say. And I hate shopping and crowds.

So, we arrived at "my house." She asked me if I lived in a mansion. "Yes, where do you live?"

Popcorn: I used to live in a mansion, but not anymore.
Me: Where do you live now...a castle?
Popcorn: No, just a half a castle.

What the heck? I decided to let that subject drop because one of her kids started crying. I asked her how many she had. "I don't know. I never bother to count. It's too ignoring."

Me: Annoying, huh? Are you like the woman who lived in the shoe?
Popcorn: Mom, she didn't know what to do, and I know exactly what to do, and I do it all of the time.

Aaah, the exhaustion of pretend mother hood. She is so harried.

We ended up letting the dog in, because she was knocking on the door. (For real. The dog bangs against two large planters, which makes a knocking sound, so we open the door. Hey, it beats her jumping on the door!) Anyway, the dog came in when we were getting all of the babies to bed. They all needed hats to keep their heads warm while they slept (besides the fact that doll jammies always come with hats). We were short 2 hats. Popcorn decided to just press those two dollies heads up against the dogs belly (she was asleep on the floor next to us) to keep their little heads warm. Oh well, sometimes you just have to make do!

Popcorn: So, do you have a dog?
Me: (I realized we were in pretend land again) Yes.
Popcorn: Is it ever ignoring?
Me: Annoying? Yes, sometimes she insists on being under foot when I'm trying to cook.
Popcorn: Yeah, my dog is ignoring sometimes too.

So, here's the question I have for you...How sad is it that every moment of my life is now analyzed in one context...Is it bloggable? I have to say that most of my evening with Popcorn was totally bloggable, but I won't subject you to any more for today. I have to save some for a later date when I'm suffering from blogger's block.

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Dawn said...

ignoring and annoying are often the same--ignoring IS annoying and sometimes to be annoying people (kids, husbands) are ignoring to annoy........