Monday, March 9, 2009

Are they disappointed?

I'm sure you've noticed the Feedjit traffic map on the lower right hand side of my blog. I copied the idea from my sister. It's been amusing to see what people find interesting, or what they stumble across in their quest for knowledge on the world wide web.

I've noticed many find me through The Original Prairie Woman. What sort of research involves learning about my grandma? Are they on a quest to write the perfect historical romance novel? Do they need inspiration for the heroine of their novel? Were they inspired to learn of a woman who would face down armadillos and rattlers with her trusty .22 rifle, then clean the blood out of her pristine carpet leaving nary of sign of blood shed? Or are there truly that many people who just have a burning need for knowledge regarding all things prairie?

Are the Canadians who were researching the origins of hockey shocked to learn it was all started by a dried out biscuit? Were they disappointed to learn it didn't have a more auspicious and heroic origin? Or did they decide I was just a big fat liar, and leave disgusted that they wasted their time on one who gleefully and blatantly lies to their children?

And who would have thought so many people needed help patching jeans? Were they disheartened to realize it involved a kazillion steps? I hope they found the info they needed interspersed between my completely frivolous extra steps that I must add to entertain myself.

Well, whatever brought you to my bizarre world of rambling, I hope you were moderately entertained. Even if I do feel the need to use 20 words when maybe 3 would have sufficed.

1 comment:

Becky said...

definitely a burning need for knowledge regarding all things prairie... or maybe the fact that you make me LMBO!!!!!