Monday, April 13, 2009

How Clean is Your House?

Today I was home with Bookworm. I had vowed to be nothing but be lazy and nonproductive while I nursed my invalid back to health. We decided to watch that show "How Clean is Your House" on BBCA while we ate lunch. Not a very good idea. This man had not cleaned his house AT ALL in 4 years. He had 3 large dogs in his house. Can you imagine the filth? Not conducive towards digestion, I assure you!

When it cut to commercial they have this little cartoon hand that writes on the dirty window, "How clean is your house?" Bookworm replied with, "Not very."

"I beg your pardon?" Okay, I will not win any awards for the cleanest house. Our house is very "lived in," but I assure you, it is not filthy!

"Mom, our house is not like his, but he hadn't cleaned house in FOUR YEARS! You have to keep the house clean. That man is disgusting." She would gasp and clutch her chest when they would show particularly nasty things (mouse droppings in the toaster, roaches running rampant, fleas everywhere...) I replied with "Helloooo...Why do you think I had kids?"

Well, after she finished lunch, she disappeared to her room. I started decluttering the house in preparation for running the vacuum. I went to her room to put some things up, and guess what? She was cleaning her room! I started laughing. You just can't watch that show and not feel the need to disinfect something after!

Hey! I did learn something really interesting. If you have pets that come in and out of the house, they can track in fleas even with flea treatments. Also, children can track fleas in. They recommended keeping a flea collar in your vacuum bag, then changing it every month. Any fleas you vacuum up will be killed by the collar. Interesting.


Dawn said...

I recommend a steady diet of "How clean is your house" for children!

Becky said...

LOL, I'm going to dvr every episode and force my kids to watch. I will not, however, be watching. I feel no need to know exactly how filthy my house is ;-)