Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Land Run Day

Today was Land Run Day at the girls school. Prizes were awarded for best covered wagon and best costume. They had a land run to their picnic spots. Neither one of my girls wound up in the shade. Don't they understand that in a prairie state like Oklahoma trees are desirable?

The girls were hit with a hard truth as they were getting ready today. We didn't have the right shoes for a prairie woman. I encouraged them to wear moccasins. Do you know what my Bookworm said to me?

"Mom. This is the LAND RUN! Indians weren't in Oklahoma yet!" The only thing missing was a "DUH" tacked on the end.

I said, "Actually, Oklahoma is where the government forced all Indians to go with the promise they could keep the land forever. Which really only meant until some white people wanted to settle it. Then they stole it back, divvied it up into sections, and had the Land Run."

Popcorn: Mom... is that true?
Me: Yep. (why would my children doubt me? It's not I've ever told them ginormous LIES)
Popcorn: Are you sure we're not Indians?

Sometimes it's tough to face the truths of a heritage.....

I thought they could dress up like Indians and attack the white man coming to steal their lands. They looked at my like I was completely loony and dismissed that idea. Party poopers.

Topic change:

Studmuffin decided to definitely not accept the job in San Antonio. He still has 18 months left in his current contract or he has to pay back some of the moving expenses paid to us. He seems good with the decision. I gotta tell you, I'm relieved.

Well, that's all the rambles I have for you today! Have a lovely day!


Becky said...

I'm so happy for you.

lol I thought your idea to take the land back was a good one.

Sarah Castor said...