Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Conversations and random facts

Today I was pulling Popcorn's hair up in a pony tail. She had one of those pony tail holders with the big balls on either end. She was swinging it around on her finger pretending that someone was getting shot out of it like a giant sling shot...I was having a hard time understanding all of the details, so I asked "Are you pretending it's a sling shot for your Barbies?"

Popcorn, with a sigh of patience and a roll of her eyes: No, Mom. I'm pretending there's bad guys after the Barbies....Barbies can never be the bad guy when you play. They are always smiling.


Silly me.

And now a section of informative facts for your enlightenment....

It has been raining for 10 days straight.

We have had no clear skies, as determined by the National Weather Service since April 21.

It is supposed to "clear off" this afternoon.

It is supposed to rain again tomorrow.

My garden has a beautiful batch of grass growing in it....

I refuse to weed in red clay that sticks to your shoes like glue.

Going to the laundromat can actually be a very liberating experience....You have no excuse to be doing anything but reading because it's not like you can clean house while you wait for the clothes to finish washing! I think I just heard an amen from a few of you out there.

Many people said we'd have a black president when pigs flew. They were wrong.

100 days in to Obama's presidency: Swine flu....(Go ahead, laugh, you know it's funny)

Reading the Old Testament prophets is actually pretty fun.

Until you get to Isaiah and he is preaching judgment for all nations.....But I'm holding fast until I can get to Chapter 25 (I peaked ahead in desperation) when he resumes praise and promise of redemption....

My dog hates to be wet.

My cat hates to be wet.

Studmuffin's dog is even getting tired of being wet.

Popcorn has been playing outside in the puddles every time I turn my back.

Bookworm is reading Charlotte's Web for the umpteenth time in desperation for distraction from the endless rain.

Studmuffin is considering joining the YMCA so he can be guaranteed an available shower...

The YMCA is 15 miles away.

Today is National Nurse Day.

Stick a fork in me...I'm done for now.


Becky said...

ok the swine flu comment is funny. I am so sorry for all your woes. I hope the sun shines for you soon. Cabin fever is horrible horrible stuff.

Go to the library and get that poor Bookworm a new book or two. LOL

Happy Nurse Day! :-D

Marilyn said...

We are praying for clear days and for the city to do something about the drainage in your area. Brent should be able to give them some advice on drainage. :^D Have a happy weekend, and think about that you don't have to mow the lawn. Maybe stock it with fish!!!!