Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Is Popcorn a Texan?

Here are a few samples from her journal from school.

The best thing about the field trip is the thang that has a maze. I whant to go thare agen. My Mom disided next time. But I lik the viode (video) beter.

A doctor takes care of us. I want to be a doctor when I grow-up. Some doctors take bloud (blood) it is groes. (gross) My bloud got took befor. Vets are not a porsn doctor. They take care of pets.

A judge is aperson who judges people. I whant to be a judge. I thank judges use a thaing that looks like a hammer. they have a desk and a pen. They also have a dror that holeds a lot of papers. (this entry was complete with a picture of a desk, drors, and hammer thaing.)

A policeman arestes peopole. When I grow up I will probly be a policemen. But police men only arest popole who do crimes I hope I don't get arested ever. I hope you don't get arested ever. (this also had an illustration of a man with a bag saying "whuhuhuhhhhuhhh" It was complete with a woman crying for help, the police arresting the man, and him going to jail with the victim thanking the police officer. Sorry my scanner doesn't work, the pictures really complete the scenario.)

The wind is cold. some peple say that it is very cold. But I thank it is just cold.

Well, that's all for now folks. I'm off to bed. I'm fighting a cold. Do you think I have H1N1?


Sarah Castor said...

HAHA! I love it!

Marilyn said...

Hey Popcorn does pretty good for a 1st grader. she is certainly going to be busy, arresting people, being a judge and taking care of all of those sick people. Please not H1N1.

Dawn said...

You left just in time--she's only in first grade so possibly she will soon learn that 'thaing' is only one syllable not two! And Popcorn who will be the perfect mother/doctor/judge/policeman is really into rule enforcing isn't she!