Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mom

Well, typical of me, I'm posting a Mother's Day message at 10 pm on Mother's Day. Hey, I did call her today. No, I haven't mailed her a card yet. *Gasp* I should not have admitted that. Cards are just not my thing. It's not that I mean to be inconsiderate...I just never think about it.

Ummmm....Is that the definition of being inconsiderate: Not considering others? AKA, never thinking about it. Let's not dwell on that.

On to my mom...The original purpose of this post.

Things I learned from my mom:

How to sing. She always sang while she did house work. I remember listening to her sing to my nieces Sarah and Molly. I used to daydream about having my own babies and rocking them and singing to them.

How to forget to send cards for various holidays. Hey, I have to justify myself here! But you know it's true, Mom. Okay. I'm through picking on you.


How to laugh really loud, so the entire auditorium hears you. That is a very important family trait. You might as well share your joy with the other 998 people in the room! And the laugh must be very distinguishable so your teenage children are shrinking down in their seats in humiliation. It builds their character. I've pretty much got that mastered, and can't wait to pass that particular joy onto my girls...

Being a mom means making sacrifices. I'm pretty sure she was better at this than me. When I was growing up I was in this entertainment troupe called Oklahoma Kids. We traveled all over the Oklahoma, and parts of Texas and Kansas doing shows and competitions. She drove me someplace darn near every weekend. And made me costumes. And paid my entry fees. And paid for music. Did I mention she drove me all over kingdom come nearly every weekend? Just the thought of that annoys me!

She taught me how to serve God. Mom always taught Sunday school at our little church I grew up in. She used to get up at 5 am to have her quiet time before her busy day started of being a farm wife, mother of 4, and school bus driver. I'm tired just thinking about it.

My mom taught me how to love. I know there is still nothing she wouldn't do for her children, even as adults.

Memories of my mom

Mom, do you remember the infamous prom dress of 1993? It was terrible. I went with some friends to buy a prom dress. Friends that were not the best influence on wardrobe issues. I paid for the dress, and had it altered. A few weeks later I picked it up, brought it home, modeled it for my parents, and Dad said "You look like a hooker." And he forbid me to wear it. In memory it was indeed pretty bad. I have no idea what I was thinking. But, you were supportive and wrote me a beautiful letter about how smart I was and how everyone makes bad decisions. Then you found me a dress to borrow from a distant cousin. No recriminations. The deed was done, I was ashamed, and you just helped me clean up the mess. Thanks Mom.

Do you remember cutting my hair off when I was a freshman in college? You had been begging me for years to cut that stuff off. I was determined it was my only vanity, and I could not part with it. However, that year I decided it had to go. However, I couldn't find any hairdressers to cut it. You took me in the bathroom and cut it all off. And cried the whole time because you were just sure I would be mad at you for doing it. I loved it.

Another hair memory: Do you remember when I got head lice my senior year? It was awful. I had been determined I had lice for weeks. You could never find any. I found a bug on my bed, and you finally conceded I had it. At that time I had my "Pretty Woman" hair. It was big and long and thick. I thought it was wonderful! You and Dad stayed up until after midnight combing through the massive amount of hair I had to get rid of the critters. Yikes. You begged me to just let you cut it so you wouldn't have so much to comb through. I refused. And, of course, a year later I insisted on you cutting it off! Typical.

Speaking of hair: Remember New Year's Eve when Sabra & I decided to color my hair? We gave no indication of our plans for that night. I came home with red hair, but what's more I had a red scalp. All you said was "Well, it looks like you had fun tonight." You are apparently much better at refraining from laughing than I am....

Remember when you and Dad were out of town, and I had a wreck? I decided to wait until you got home to tell you, so I wouldn't ruin your fun. I was such a thoughtful child... Like a typical dorky teenager I went to drag main with my friends the night you were expected home. By the time I got home, you had already heard about the wreck. Never underestimate the small town grapevine. I had decided I would wait until the morning to tell you both at once, since Dad had already went to bed. You kept asking "What else happened while we were gone?" I finally broke, and said "How did you know?" Procrastinating did not serve me well on that occasion... But in hindsight, your patience amazes me. I probably would have ripped into me the second I walked in the door if I were you.

Remember sitting up and talking to me when I got home at night? You would always sleep on the couch until I got home, then you'd sit up and talk to me about all my adventures for the evening...

Remember how cranky I was (read here: am) in the mornings? You used to come in singing "Good morning, Good morning!" And I would be rude and mumble and roll over....You used to let me eat whatever I wanted for breakfast...As long as I actually got out of bed and ate it. I remember eating lots of chocolate cake for breakfast.

Remember taking walks and looking for rocks and arrow heads?

Remember sticking our feet in the Kiowa and feeling the minnows nibble on our toes and ankles?

Remember eating Schwann's ice cream bars on the back porch on a hot summer day?

Remember when you let me buy the trampoline? I swear I was more ecstatic over that crazy thing than my first car.

Remember laying on the trampoline and watching the stars. I had the best conversations with you and Dad on that trampoline.

Hey, Mom, I have tons of other memories, and I could ramble on all day. But, it is getting late, and I'm struggling to make sense. Keep your eye out for more "Mom" memories.

After all, I gotta make up for the lack of a card in the mail!

Oh wait! I'm not through picking on you yet! You also taught me the skill of the guilt trip. There is something to be said for a skillfully laid guilt trip. It's amazing what can be accomplished through a few well chosen, gently spoken words! "Pack your bags....We're going on a guilt trip!" Oh, I crack me up...I think it's the delirium...

I love you, Mom. I thank God that he picked you for my mommy. I hope you had a wonderful day with your mommy today. Talk to you in the morning!


Marilyn said...

Thank you for remembering the good times. You made me cry and I remembered too. I am so glad that all of my daughters have grown up to be wonderful mothers and I am proud of you. Thank you for being who you are. I love you. Mom

Dawn said...

That was sweet. I didn't know al those things either! And I couldn't be in something like Oklahoma Kids cause my mom had too many kids at home.....

Did you take the trip--the guilt trip! haha! I wouldn't have done it anyway of course!