Sunday, August 2, 2009


I worked at Old Navy after I decided that the bridal shop was not the place for me. I started there right after it opened in Arlington, Texas. It was a great place to work. They played great 70s disco music, and we were encouraged to help people find good deals. Plus, we got to wear these cool ear pieces with a mike so we could radio back and forth to each other, "Could someone in boys bring me a size 8 slim in the classic stone wash jean?" Then, I could respond, "I got it!" and bring the desired item to the fitting rooms. It was a great system. I, of course, also felt the need to use my radio as a microphone. The manager just did not appreciate me singing the lyrics to "The Car Wash" in her ear while she was working the service desk. Some people are so narrow minded. I notice they don't use those cool radios any more. Bummer. That was the best part of working there.

One time I was straightening the stock in the men's wear department. A gentleman was looking around. "Can I help you?" I asked. "No thank you. Unless you can help me get rid of these stupid hiccups. I've had them all day, and they won't go away," he responded with a smile and a *hic!*

Well, Gentle Reader, I am nothing if not a helper and fixer of all the world's problems. That is why I'm a nurse. I love to help people, and fix what's ailing them. I saw this man's problem as a very fixable problem. I waited until he was good and immersed in his perusal of the graphic tees... Then, I sneaked...snuck?...snook?.....Let's change words, how about, I crept up behind the poor unsuspecting gentleman and yelled at him.


At the top of my lungs. He jumped about 12 feet in the air, throwing the t-shirt he was holding in his hands, and clutched his chest. He turned and looked at me in total, absolute disbelief..."I canNOT believe you just did that!" He was in total disbelief.

Looking back, so am I. Now, THAT was customer service! I'll help you coordinate your shirt with your socks, and cure what ails you...

Seriously, can you believe that I went up to a total stranger and screamed in his ear in a store?

Okay. You probably can. What I can't believe is I didn't get reprimanded for it. Nobody said one word about it. Apparently, he was so relieved to be rid of his hiccups....and me... that he just got the heck out of Old Navy. I'm not sure if he ever did come back. Oops!

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Dawn said...

Well, yes, I can believe you did that! At least he got rid of the hiccups!