Thursday, January 7, 2010

Studmuffin is Half Samoan

Are you surprised?

My sister isn't. She realized that Studmuffin was "different" from the rest of his family at our wedding. Of course, hers was a strictly visual judgment. You see, Studmuffin's brothers have red hair. And they are both fair complected. She knew his father had died when he was growing up, so she just decided that he must have had a different dad than his brothers. That was a completely wrong assumption. They all 3 share the same 2 parents.

But, despite their completely shared heritage, Studmuffin is half Samoan.

That's right. Not only is he 25% veterinarian, he is also 50% Samoan.

He has to be. That is the only rational explanation for some very interesting facts. First, there's his complexion. He has brown hair, eyes, and has dark skin. When we were dating, and he spent many hours driving a cabless tractor he was as brown as a berry. His teeth and whites of his eyes practically glowed in his face. However, now he has a desk job, so he will never reach that level of tan again. Of course, I don't have a picture of those days, but I do have this picture:

Now, if that isn't the face of a Samoan, I don't know what is!

The second piece of evidence I present to you is this:

Studmuffin's parents went to Hawaii. I have seen the coconut they mailed to the kids. I have seen the photo of my mother-in-law with a handsome dark complected man who placed a suspicious necklace of flowers around her neck. Studmuffin was born the year that this trip occurred....Coincidence? I think not, Gentle Reader. I think not....

The third piece of evidence I would like to provide you with is this:

You see, Studmuffin has an unusual midnight snacking habit. Whenever he wakes up and is unable to return to sleep, he wanders to the kitchen and grabs his favorite midnight treat. He eats cans of pineapple. That's right. Pineapple. I find this totally bizarre. Who gets up and eats pineapple?

What about cookies? Wait. I don't buy cookies. Over the lips, onto my hips and all that jazz...Scratch the cookies.

What about ice cream? Wait. I don't buy that either. His cholesterol is sky high, so we buy strictly sherbet or frozen yogurt.

What about a bowl of cereal? Yes! We do have cereal! And it's whole grain, so that can totally lower those vicious LDL scores that are so frighteningly high....

But, no. He chooses pineapple. Truly, it's a mystery of epic proportions....

One that can only be explained by one answer.

My husband is clearly half Samoan.

Don't you wish you could be fly on the wall for the completely insane conversations we have in this family?


The Lumberjack's Wife said...

So, how do you get Studmuffin to pose with a can of pineapple and smile at the same time?

My husband is anti-smiling for the camera. :)

Anonymous said...

I could ask about his stomp dancing, drumming and fire twirling, but let's face it he still has a lot of white boy in him. LOL

Love you

Jaime Kubik said...

In my husband's family, there are four children all brown haired and brown eyed except for one blonde/blue-eyed sister. As a child they all told her she was adopted...poor girl! However, many people think my blonde sister-in-law and I are sisters. Maybe we are misplaced sisters? Maybe your husband is misplaced as well. I like the idea of having him dance...I think that should be the final determining factor...the dance!

Sarah Castor said...

HAHA! Yes! He must be! And yes I accepted and executed your challenge! Took me 2 1/2 hours to write!

Dawn said...

I think that the lack of any other snack food is what explains the "pineapple at midnight" factor. But not the brown-ness! And Miss Anonymous, surely you don't think that all Samoans can stomp dance and fire twirl? That would be like thinking All women can cook..:)Love ya P.! And remember P is the odd one out in our family too! Hah!

The Old Geezer said...

Thanks for the laugh
God bless you

Marilyn said...

How did I miss this post and Why did I think it was things I am thankful for instead of things that Make me Happy. I guess they are one in the same.