Friday, April 30, 2010

A Good Mom Day

Popcorn was supposed to have a field trip to the zoo today. I took the day off and everything.

Because I'm a great mom.

Then, they canceled it way back on Tuesday because there was a chance of severe weather. I offered to work today, so we could have some extra cash for summer fun.

Because I'm a great mom.

However, they didn't need me.

Bookworm has had achievement tests all week, and Popcorn is always ready for a break from life. So, I decided to have a hooky day with my kids.

Because I'm a great mom.

We started the day at 7am. Because, clearly every child should be out of bed by 7am at the very latest on hooky days. Then, Popcorn said "When are we ever going to have cinnamon rolls again?" Well, I did not have my standard canned biscuits that I use to whip up an easy batch of cinnamon rolls, but I did have crescent rolls! So, I decided to whip up some cinnamon rolls out of crescent rolls.

Because I'm a great mom.

I left the rolls in rectangles, then spread them with butter. After the butter, I sprinkled brown sugar and cinnamon on them, and then sprinkled half of them with golden raisins. Bookworm loves raisins, Popcorn does not... I then rolled the rectangles and sliced them into four pieces and placed them in a 9x11 pan, which I then realized was too big....

However, today is a hooky day, and hooky days DO NOT have unnecessary dishes. Therefore, I left them as is, and baked them at 350 for about 15 minutes...

Next, I topped them with a powdered sugar & milk glaze. I used about a cup of powdered sugar and a couple tablespoons of skim milk...

And, OILA!

I am really a great mom.

Post Note: Rules for hooky day (which I have previously referred to as mental health days, but today decided hooky sounded way more fun and impulsive, so the name has officially changed, thankyouverymuch) are as follows:

1. No fighting with your sister. Any fighting with your sister will result in immediate loading in the car and delivery to school. So far, this rule has never been broken, so I haven't had to take such drastic measures.

2. Leave your mom in peace. Yes, she's GREAT MOM to give you a hooky day, but it's gonna be her hooky day too, so let the woman be. Amen.

Another interesting note for you, my loyal readers. My boss was surprised yesterday when I said I may keep my kids home with me today. She figured I was a perfect attendance sort of gal.



When I was in college I missed the maximum allowed days for my classes. Of course, once I started nursing school I never missed. Nursing school consumes your life. However, before I entered nursing school, I felt obligated to miss my maximum absences for any classes I considered frivolous even though they were required for my major...For example, if I had a 3 credit hour music appreciation class, taught by a famous composer, who also happened to have formerly played in a gospel band with my brother in law, and said class theoretically occurred at 8am, and I was allowed 3 absences for every credit hour, I would miss 9 classes. After all, I had 9 excused absences and truly, why waste them?

And, let's say that you could have 3 tardies for every credit hour, and let's consider with our purely theoretical aforementioned music appreciation class...I would arrive late 9 times. Now, one must be careful because, theoretically speaking, this class may be entered from the front. This may result in you trying to quietly slink into class 10 minutes late and having to slide into a desk on the front row to the left side of the teacher. This could, theoretically of course, become rather uncomfortable for you. After all, even if you're making an "A" in the class, you don't want to draw attention to myself, I mean yourself, and make the teacher think that you feel this class is irrelevant to your nursing major (theoretically.)

Also, let's say, that BOTH of your older sisters had taken this particular music appreciation class, under this very man. A theoretical conversation may go something like this...

Sister 1: Isn't Dr. H GREAT?

Me, I mean, YOU: Uh. Yeah.

Sister 2: Has he realized you're our sister?

Me/You: Uh. I'm not sure.

Sister 1: Have you told him you're our sister?

Me/You: Uh.....No. I really haven't had a chance to talk to him. And, he seems pretty busy. I really hate to bother him....(read here: I really don't want to point out that I am related to either of you, because I'm pretty sure he knows it, and I'm pretty sure he's wondering what the heck went wrong with this youngest one...But, he probably figures there's one in every family, and you just never know.)

And, this theoretical conversation could be resurrected again MULTIPLE times, with slight variations through out the semester. By your parents. By your brother-in-law, who used to be in a gospel band with him, and by your sisters. Over and over...

Because, if you are in this purely theoretical situation, and you resemble your sisters in a purely theoretical way, I'm pretty sure he might accidentally link the likeness and the last name and realize you are related...
And, no I am not in this picture. I wasn't there for this particular photo shoot between my mom and sisters. Sad, huh?

Don't feel too bad. I think I was here....

Probably playing hooky.


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Jaime Kubik said...

When I was single, I used to skip work for what I called, "Spontaneous days" I had a friend I would call to spend the days with, however he always wanted to plan them....I still tell him to this day, he doesn't understand the meaning of "spontaneous"

Great post!

Dawn said...

I didn't know you were so uncommitted to punctuality and attendance!

Anonymous said...

I love your no fighting rule! Great post! Have a lovely weekend, Miss Andi. :)

LB's Sewing Sanity said...

Ohh, what a delightful day with your peeps! Such a good Mom!

Your last post was hilarious, just couldn't think of an appropriate comment!

Marilyn said...

I have missed these posts so much. I have to get a new computer. Today I am substituting at school and have a free hour. I loved catching up on some of mu favorite posts.