Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I think the curls give everyone fair warning.

Popcorn has been begging for a perm for two years. I finally decided to let her get one...

And then I found out that they start out at $55!!!


So, being the tightwad that I am, I begged my mom to do it for her.

Because that's the kind of gal I am.

Last weekend we went to see them, and while Bookworm checked cattle with my dad and rode through the cattle on her horse, my mom slaved over Popcorn's hair.

I always loved when my mom washed my hair. She was a "beauty operator" back in the day. She owned a shop by our house, and closed it after I was born. Getting a good head scrub/massage by my mom while she washes your hair is the best!

After she washed it, she decided to trim the ends. Good idea. It hadn't been trimmed in several months. The challenge to sit still began. Not an easy job for a kid who's blog name is "Popcorn" in direct comparison to her personality.

Then, we had to let the preconditioner set...

At this point, all is cool with her world.

Still feelin' cool as Grandma is still rolling her hair...

By the way, we are already over an hour into this process.

Okay. I'm obviously not feeling so cool. She is having total melt down at this point. Remember the burn of a perm?

And, no. I hadn't washed my hair in approximately to 3 days when this picture was taken.

I wish I could pretend this was out of the norm.

But it's not.

I consider washing my hair optional, and to be done a maximum of twice weekly.

True story.

Oh, and please disregard those Rustler jeans I'm wearing. They are a holdover from high school, and my mom keeps them around for when I come home. It's handy to have them there for riding horses...

Aren't those high pockets lovely? And let me assure you, even though those are men's jeans, they go ALL. THE. WAY. to my waist.

Speaking of, I think this may give you a clue as to why they called me Steve Irkle in high school.

And Peewee Herman.

And why I refuse to tuck in a shirt to this day....All legs, short waist, short torso, monkey arms.

Enough said.

At this point, the smell is so bad she can taste it.

Lucky for her my Grandma Irene came to see the excitement.

And, in typical Grandma Irene fashion, she had a stash of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Almond Joys in her car.

Because that's the kind of grandma she is...

The chocolate helps remove the icky taste, ya know.

Plus, this meant I got to eat an Almond Joy for no apparent reason other than moral support.

That's just the kind of mom I am.

Full of support and Almond Joy.

I think the two hours worth of fidgeting/hair pulling/scalp burning was worth her suffering.

Plus, that curly wild hair gives people a peak into her personality before it explodes all over them...

You know the phrase "I got a wild hair?" Well, Popcorn lives a life of wild hair ideas.

So, I guess this hair is fair warning.

Although it is quite possible those wild hairs come from my side of the family.

And, yes, in typical Lumberjack's Wife fashion, I posted a picture of a picture. Although I did not copy this idea from her, I was already doing it when she started doing it. However, I don't want her to think I'm copying her, and not giving credit...

I think it's particularly nice that I left the caption from my scrapbook in it.

And, no, I was not helping them clean the kitchen. Someone needs to immortalize these shenanigans for all posterity on film.

Besides, I HATE taking care of leftover meat. And, as the youngest, I'm fairly adept at avoiding tasks I don't like.

Maybe Dawn hates leftover meat too.

Perhaps that's why she's holding a knife to Paula's throat.

Leftover meat can lead to desperate actions.


Anonymous said...

I love this post and I could not tell at all that you had not washed your hair in a bit.
Nurse Andi! I am so sick! Help me! Fix me!

I think you should share your blog with people, at least close friends. I emailed all close friends relatives at first, but then kept it quiet. Then I put it on Facebook, which was not easy. I kind of didn't like that. Anyways, even though it doesn't seem like it lately, I dislike self promotion and with all this contest nonsense and facebook page nonsense, i am ready to lay low!

Thanks for giving me credit! That was funny! I don't think I am the only person who takes pics of pics!

Dawn said...

I don't remember the knife at the throat incident! Not that I haven't perhaps fantasized about it! Haha! Just kidding, P!!!