Friday, August 13, 2010

Just Another Day in Paradise

Oliver complained to me the minute I got up this morning that he wanted in the house.

I decided to oblige him. I've spent the last 3 days slowly cutting his hair. Yesterday, while he was sleeping on his back, I tackled his tummy...He informed me I was finished by grabbing my arm with all four paws and digging in his claws...

Don't worry. He got his ultimate revenge today. I walked into my bedroom to find him peeing on my quilt...

So. Instead of starting my candied jalapenos, I started laundry...

I plan to lay around and read a book while my sheets dry on the line.

Yes, I'm settling quite nicely into the role of housewife. Too bad my mom is coming to take care of the sick one next week so I can work...

What I've accomplished on my unexpected week off:

1. Salsa!
2. Jalapeno jelly
3. Candied jalapenos
4. Cleaned out the girls drawers and closets.
5. Made brownies
6. Found a recipe for Chocolate Espresso Cookies...Those will be coming very soon. Probably tomorrow.

And, now I'm off to be as unproductive as possible! (Excluding laundry and cooking meals of course, but really, I've found no way to avoid these two tasks.)


JoAnn said...

Wow. Jalepeno Ole! What a lot of stuff you've been doing. What an unappreciative cat!
I'm off to clean a bathroom. Nice to meet you :)

Dawn said...

Stupid cat! Glad you are embracing the housewife role since it's inescapable for the moment!

Paula said...

How did the candied jalapenos turn out?

Marilyn said...

You are so ambitious.