Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Car Conversations

Popcorn is not only highly active. She's highly talkative.

Not that I'm one to point fingers or anything, but seriously, that kid can talk...And coming from a self acknowledged chatter box that's saying something.

She is constantly making noise. It may be weird tongue actions with accompanying noises...Can you imagine "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" only hummed with your tongue waggling in and out of your mouth?

Do you have any idea what I'm talking about?

Neither do I.

Anyway, she's noisy.

Studmuffin: Popcorn is like a shark. If her mouth stops moving, she will die.

Nice. Studmuffin. Nice.

And, sadly, it is too true....

On that same car trip we were discussing Bookworm and her sense of drama. One of the ladies I'm in choir with has her in class this year. She is always telling me how sweet she is, and that she just loves her....I looked over at my husband and said, "Yeah. She's quite the little suck up." And we both laughed.

Because it's true.

But that's okay. Because I am too.

I can't stand for someone to not like me.

Seriously. Everyone must like me. If I think someone doesn't like me, I make sure to be as charming as possible to them.

I need them to like me.

Even if I don't like them.

Gentle Reader, I never denied having issues....

Anyhoo, back to the car conversation.

You see, I was just like her. I made sure all of the teachers liked me. I was friendly. I was charming. I worked hard, and I made sure they knew it I made straight A's. I smiled. I was generally likable...Yep. That was me. Andi the suck up.

So, I modestly said, "Yeah. All of my teachers just loved me."

"When you were in class," Studmuffin answered. I detected a hint of sarcasm in his tone.

"What do you mean?" Sometimes I just walk right into his openings...

"You were never in class. You ditched every chance you got!"

"That's not true! I went to math and science. Y'know: The IMPORTANT classes that I actually had to be in to know what's going on...Oh, and typing. I barely squeaked by with an A in that class."

Wait!! Did I just age myself? I fear that my children do not even know what typing is...Much less a typewriter!

"Okay. So you went to math, science, and typing..." Again, Gentle Reader, I know this will distress you, but I felt nearly sure he was mocking me.

"Oh! And Spanish! I loved Spanish class!" You see, Gentle Reader, I was a responsible student! I only ditched classes that didn't matter to my future!

"How on earth did you get away with that? Why did they let you do that?"

"They didn't let me so much...I just needed a lot of bathroom breaks...And it really wasn't my fault if those bathroom breaks lead to trips to the library. I mean, what's wrong with going to the library? And, of course the library often lead to conversations with Mrs. Thrasher. I loved Mrs. Thrasher. I needed to talk to her, and keep her posted on my daily life. I'm sure her day was incomplete if I didn't visit her! And, while I was in yearbook I needed to take lots of pictures to have a good representation of the entire student body. This lead to trips to the art class. And the occasional trip through the grade school building...Where of course I had to catch up with my old teachers! So, clearly, it wasn't so much that I ditched class. That is a very strong statement. It was more a matter of I wasn't necessarily in the class I was scheduled to be in at the time I was scheduled to be there! Then, my junior or senior year, they decided that we had to have a hall pass to be out of class. And that stupid thing had my original/proclaimed destination on it. It was very challenging to make sure Mr. Mills didn't see me and say, 'Hey Jones-ey! Why aren't you in class? Let me see your hall pass.' Then he'd shake his finger at me and make me go to class...How irritating."

"Translation: You were skipping class."

"Okay. But you don't get it. The whole point is the teachers loved me. Bookworm gets that from me...."

Gentle Reader, I fear it is difficult to keep him on subject at times...


Paula said...

I never knew this about you...skipping class that is. The suck up issue...yep, I was all over that one. LOL

Paula said...

I never knew this about you...skipping class that is. The suck up issue...yep, I was all over that one. LOL

Dawn said...

Skipping class. Tsk, tsk, tsk.....

word verification--movin. as in 'her mouth was always movin....'


Freckled Hen said...

I like that you refer to us as gentle readers. It makes me feel nice and well...important.
My daughter Maggie talks nonstop and frankly it wears me out until I want to bang my head against the wall. But it also makes me love her more than life cause she is always so darn happy.

Marilyn said...

Mrs. Thrasher dear..... and yes Bookworm and Popcorn are both so like you in different ways. Just think about it.....See the title "Andie's Ramblin's. That says a lot.