Sunday, November 28, 2010

They Are Hanging Too Low. And I'm a Sore Loser.

My Grandma Dolly requested we all get together for Thanksgiving. This was the group that was able to make it. I won't bore you with the list...All you need to realize is this: The pasty white bunch is all part of my mother's descendants (inherited from my dad).
We were supposed to make s funny face, however only my sisters & I complied. Unfortunately I had already moved on to talking.

My stomach is upset. I think I ate too much junk food and my stomach is rebelling. Actually, it wasn't junk, just too much rich food I wouldn't normally eat.

Biting my lips to make them red. I realized I was without lipstick, and I was biting my lip between every photo to try and get some color in them. Lame.

My fabulous sister (soon to be famous author, have you bought her book?) and her husband made themselves crazy getting some Christmas decorations made for us. Our gift was a snowman and three ho's....As in Ho Ho Ho...

And I quote: Lift your chest up and out girls, they are hanging too low.
From an undisclosed contributor to posing etiquette.

Get your mind out of the gutter people!

I will post a picture at some point. When I actually have one.

Of the Snowman and his hos. Are you following this conversation?

Studmuffin put them in the yard today. He's hoping to avoid couples counseling resulting from lack of outdoor Christmas cheer this year...

He felt that a surgery on December 3rd exonerated him from hanging lights.

Silly man.

Losing poorly at Spinners.
My goal: Don't let David win. I was successful. You just never outgrow sibling rivalry!

We had a happy Thanksgiving. We got together with Studmuffin's family on Thursday.

NO. I have no pictures of that day.

Saturday we got together with my mother's family.

As per usual, I was either talking, or eating, or doing some other equally flattering pose to share with you. Aren't you glad?


Andi said...

Why are my pictures so big in this post? HELP!

Southern Gal said...

And I thought surgery on December 2would exonerate me from having to do ALL the decorating at my house. Silly woman. When will I learn?

Go back to edit your post, click on the picture in the compose screen, then click large or whatever size you'd like. I think you must have original size or x-large selected. Hope that helps!

Andi said...

fixed it!

Paula said...

It was a really fun party.

I can't wait to see pics of the Snowman and the 3 Ho's