Thursday, December 2, 2010

Random Feeling Betterness.

Don't you love how it's okay to make up random words on blogs, and people are totally accepting? However, I do fear for my children's grammar and spelling as they grow in this age of texting, blogging, and tweeting.

Bookworm informed me "chillax" is being added to the dictionary.

Apparently "unfriend" is too.

Not sure how I feel about these newfangled changes.

I feel better today. I decided to brave a blog post as I was able to wish my nephew a happy birthday on facebook, and my eyeballs didn't feel they were going to explode.

I felt well enough to put out some of my Christmas decorations yesterday. As I was unpacking, then repacking stuff that was displaced, I had multiple genius blog ideas.

They have all left my brain. My sister suggested I write them down as I thought of them, so I wouldn't forget. However I failed to follow her suggestion, and my thoughts were like dust in the wind.

Am I the only one disturbed by the Charmin commercial with the little bear sitting on the toilet reading the business section, complete with toilet tissue sticking to his bum as he walks away? Really. TMI.

I did not lose one single solitary pound with this illness. How wrong is that? The reward of any illness should be pounds lost!

I am still contagious, so I will not be going Christmas shopping today. Or going to work this week to pay for any Christmas purchases.

My darling husband decided Tuesday that I would be unable to attend their company Christmas party on Saturday at the Petroleum Club in OKC. He told them we would be unable to attend due to my measles, and they should give our slot to someone else who would like to go. Not that I'm resentful, but I was totally looking forward to the excuse to buy a new outfit complete with shoes and to dine in a restaurant that does not have prices on the menu.

But again: I'm not bitter.

No sirree Bob. I'm pretty sure I'll have countless opportunities to eat at such places as this.

Or not.

Here's a fun measles fact for you: Measles is transmitted by air droplet, when the infected person speaks, sneezes, coughs etc. These air droplets can remain suspended for two hours after the person has left the room.

So, no. I have no idea where I contracted measles.

But I'm blaming work. Because it's convenient.

Well, my eyes are exhausted. I will sign off for now, and perhaps do some online shopping later.


Anonymous said...

You ALMOST sound like you again. Hang in there.

Marilyn said...

I am glad that you are doing better. Rest and take care of yourself. Just think of the words that we have invented over the years. Some of them good...some not so good. What would Daniel Webster think. It for sure AIN'T the Queens English.

Dawn said...

Oh--The Petroleum club--that's sad. But then, It would probably be too fancy and you wouldn't even enjoy your self or anything! Chillax is one of my least favorite words. And I hate the Charmin commercials!

Freckled Hen said...

I hope you are really feeling better and not just posting because you feel dedicated to your humble readers (like me). So sorry you are missing out on a night out with real grown up clothes. And yes trendy words drive me crazy, my 16 year old keeps saying "that's legit" and I tell her how great it is that someone realized they could save themselves the energy of saying legitimate.
Sending happy get well thoughts your way!

Caitlin said...

Poor you. Get better soon.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. As a beginning blogger, I always get a thrill when I get comments!

Oh, and yes, Santa was a bit scary looking. Maybe a good illustration why pastors and Santas shouldn't mix. At least the kids thought he was wonderful, and didn't get turned off by his cheap Santa suit and they thought the fact that his eyebrows kept falling off was hilarious. Santa's neice did call him a fake though.