Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cleaning Public Restrooms

If any of you, Gentle Readers, happened to visit IHOP in Mansfield, TX on Monday night, I am sure you noticed the sparkling clean condition of the bathrooms, yes?

Well, you're very welcome.

You see, it all thanks to a very precious child with a deep servant heart who felt inexplicably compelled to clean the walls and floors to the bathroom in IHOP.

Sure you do not doubt or harbor any surprise at such a statement?

Shall I rewind and give you the back story?

Well, Studmuffin had a very stressful day Monday.  He had a five hour job interview.  The girls and I suffered in anxiety as he was gone.  We suffered through pedicures, manicures, shopping, and a dip in the hotel pool.

Popcorn had been especially cranky all the live long day.  I blame it on lack of sleep, irregular meals, and too much junk food.  Sure these factors hold more sway than her just being a plain old brat!

I had let her choose lunch, as she had been unhappy with her lunch the day before (the chicken nuggets she ordered ended up being processed, shaped chicken.  Gag), and her cheese enchilada had chopped onions in it, which is always a big turn off for her.  Hence, I felt sorry for her lack of tasty, healthy food  on vacation.  Joyfully, she chose Subway...

Okay, that back  was too far to rewind, but it will explain how we ended up eating at IHOP on a vacation.  Studmuffin and I would NEVER choose IHOP, but Bookworm loves IHOP and always begs to eat there, and we always balk and convince her to "choose" something we actually like.  Like Mexican.  Or pizza.  Because we are loving parents, and we will gladly sacrifice to eat these items at any given moment.  Not so much for the IHOP thing...

So, I had a garden veggie omelet.  Popcorn had blueberry pancakes with eggs and bacon, Bookworm ahd the Rooty Tooty junior, and Studmuffin and the 2x2x2 (2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 pancakes).  We had asked for our bill and were ready to leave and head to a movie.  A certain child needed to use the bathroom.  We patiently waited.  And waited.  Some good 80s music came on.  I proceeded to dance in the booth and embarrass the child who was NOT using the facilities.

The song ended.  Another great song came on.  Remember Heart and Soul by Huey Lewis?  That song was blasting through the speakers as I wandered in to the bathroom to check on my missing child.  I opened the door, just as she was reaching to leave.  I grabbed her and spun her into a little swing dance right there in the bathroom...

I noticed an odd sparkling appearance all around me...

I slowly came to a stop.

She remained clasped in my arms loosely.

"Did you do that?"  I asked in a laughing voice, fully anticipating a giggling "No."

However, that was not the response.  Instead a certain freckled face blushed and looked sheepish.

"YOU DID? What did you do?  Fill your hands over and over and over and blow soap all over the bathroom?"

"No.  I had soap in my hands, and decided to dance with the music, and it flew all over the wall.  And I thought it was fun, so I did it again."  Yes, Gentle Reader.  She filled both hands with foamy soap and flung them out in a joyous celebration to "Heart and Soul."

I couldn't help it.  I laughed.

And laughed.

And snorted....

And then I made her clean up every bit of it.

And as we both left the bathroom laughing gaily, I informed her "This is going to make a GREAT blog."

She froze in her tracks.  "Mom.  NOOOO.  Please, Mom.  NO."

"Oh, yeah.  This will be classic."

I eventually relented and left it anonymous as a "child of mine."  But, truly.  Any reader who knows my kids know which child would feel compelled to dance frantically around the bathroom in IHOP.

And they can picture which child would willingly go into a little jam session with me in the bathroom.

So.  Deduce what you will.

But, I think that IHOP should have taken a portion off of our meals since the room was left so sparkling clean!


April said...

This made me laugh....and left me slightly alarmed at a job interview in Texas!!!!!

Dawn said...

I can't really remember that song.....And I loved Huey!!

Andi said...

Who doesn't love Huey? Weird that I remember the song so well. I actually sang along through almost the whole thing in the bathroom!

Josh said...

Wow! That definitely is a child of yours. LOL Great story!

gianna said...

Okay, so number one:
The video is lame!!!!
The song? Okay, I'll give you that, but the video? LAME! LAME!
The fact that your daughter was grooving with soap and flung it everywhere is ABSOLUTELY hysterical!

Jen said...

Awesome. Simply awesome.

And good job seeing the funny and not getting mad. I fear lately I have not been scoring mom points because I get annoyed with the shenanigans rather than just taking it in stride. Reading stuff like this reminds me to just go with it. :)

Sarah (Castor) Kamolz said...

HAHA! Awesome!!

Crazy Sister said...

Now, that girl really knows how to seize the moment!