Thursday, September 8, 2011

About Those Coupons...

Yes.  I'm still couponing.  I did pretty well this week, and since someone asked me if I was still at it, I thought I'd give you a little glimpse of what I buy!

Color you excited!

Two things you should disregard about this photo:
1.  It is out of focus.  I ain't no professional y'all, and I was shooting this double quick before my ice cream melted!
2.  I need to really clean off my kitchen cabinets in the background before taking pictures of my bargains.  It lends the strange idea that I may not be all that is neat and organized....Which is probably true, but I don't need to be propagating the theory!

So, there's the photo, and I will list the most exciting parts of it.

Because a: I need to make a list of housework to be done, but who wants to do housework?
               b: I love lists!

1.  The eggs:  They were FREE with the purchase of two packages of Borden cheese, which was only $1.74.
2.  The two cans of biscuits were only $.18!!!  Woot! Woot!
3.  I could live off of peanut butter, and that jar was fuh-REEE!
4.  Just this morning I found a recipe for pulled pork when I was clipping coupons, and guess what?  I got that pork tenderloin for only $2.49!  I have all of the other ingredients to make it in my crock pot, and they were all free!
5.  See that Nutella?  I got it for a measly buck!  They were sold out last week when they were on sale, but I asked for a rain check and he gave me three.  So, next week I will get another Nutella, then the week after that another!  Because they were on sale for $3, and I have three different dollar off coupons, but the store only doubles the coupon once and only lets you purchase one per day...Sadness.  Anyway, I will just carry my little rain check in with me over the next two weeks and have a total of three Nutellas for three dollars!  Yum!
6.  My total bill for the day was $45.96 after taxes, and that was a savings of $21.65 with coupons, then an additional $33.91 saved counting the sale prices...Of course, you realize I feel the sale prices mean it was probably overpriced anyway, but it's pretty exciting to think I saved fifty seven percent off my bill!

Now, you may consider your day complete, but first answer me one question:
What's your favorite way to save money?


Marilyn said...

Great Job. My favorite way to save money is to stay at home. I like to give you the coupoons and see what all you do with them. Andrea...The Queen of bargains.

Dawn said...

I wish we could double our coupons here. Otherwise, it seems that the brand I have the coupon for is still higher than the store brand which I probably already buy.

Dawn said...

Oops--sorry, the reader didn't read it all! :) My favorite way to save is thrift store shopping--where I buy things I probably don't need so I'm not sure that is saving anything. But on the bright side, I buy very few home decor items new!