Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Is Jello made from bone marrow?

I'm a sharer....No seriously, I am. I know you are all shocked to learn my propensity for sharing, considering the things I've shared on this blog. Just in case you need a refresher course, click on any of the following to remind yourself of my willingness to share...

Like driving the tractor in my panties
How I got a scar on my belly
I'm cheap and I know it
I'm random
I used to be a track star
I lie to my children

Anyhoo, we are having VBS at church this week. I'm helping with crafts on the days I can be there, and we were all sitting in the worker break room, eating the marvelous snack of day old vanilla pudding, complete with separated pudding and soggy wafers-yum, and pretzel, chex and animal cracker mix, and a vegetable tray. Oh, I forgot to mention Koolaid to drink. Okay, I hate to be ungrateful, but really? Are these the adult snacks? But this blog is not about the pitiful snacks they supplied, it's about my knowledge of all things.

If I have knowledge on a subject I feel compelled to share it. For instance over Memorial Day my Grandmama Dolly told me I should eat jello so my bones would be strong. This was a revelation to me. I don't particularly like jello. It's okay, but I'd rather have chocolate or any kind of cake or bread....

Returning to topic (once again), my friend April is a vegetarian. She said she refuses to eat jello because it's made from bones. I agreed with her statement. Click here to find out more about gelatin. I had seen it on "How it's Made" I think. I also learned that serving jello used to be a sign of prosperity, and the variety of molds were another symbol of wealth. Interesting, huh?

Plus, at some point in the conversation I also felt the need to tell them that they can pick up channel 5 on their HD converter boxes, but they then have to readjust the picture to pick up all the other channels. Apparently this is inconvenient if you have an antennae on your roof instead of rabbit ears like me....

Will Ferrell was on with Bear Grylls last night in a special episode called "Men vs Wild." It was hilarious as you would expect. However, I also shared that I'm kind of boycotting Will Ferrell since he shared on a talk show that he taught his kid to cuss people out, and that he thinks it's hilarious. Dang it. Why did he have to go and do that?

Let's see...what else did I feel compelled to teach them about?

I learned through another blog that if you really want your curly hair to look good you should stop washing it. That's right! You can find out more here.

I shared that I prefer to use face sticks to keep my little ones' faces from burning. It doesn't run into their eyes like the lotions do (even if it says it won't burn eyes.)

Okay, I shared way more info than that, I'm sure, but it was at the face stick point that my subconscious said "Andi, pipe down! Not everyone on the planet wants to hear your thoughts and opinions! Save it for your blog!" So, I did. I shut up and tried to devote the rest of the day to listening and not sharing....Can you believe it? Me neither, but I really did try!

Pinkie promise!

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Marilyn said...

Now that I have bought my 6 month supply of Garnier Fructis hair supplies, I learn that it really isn't good for my hair!!!! I just thought it was doing beetter. what in the world did my old products have in them????