Thursday, August 27, 2009

Salsa Dusting

I hate cleaning. I especially hate dusting. The best part of having children is I can go months and never pick up a dust rag. Of course, I could do that before kids too. I consider dusting completely optional. It is to be done after every other part of cleaning is done, and then only if you have time!

Alas, today I needed to dust. I had done my workout, but felt that it wasn't as intense as I needed. I had a flashback to a conversation I had with my Grandmama Dolly a while back. She loves to dance. She and my Grandad Pat used to go dancing every chance they got. Which wasn't very often with 5 kids at home, I'm sure. Anyway, she also loves music. She watches country music videos a good majority of her day, and she reads Country Music Weekly. If there is something you need to know about the country music world, my Grandmama Dolly is the lady to ask!

But, back to dusting. She told me she used to crank the radio up and dance while she cleaned. Grandad would come home for lunch and he would say, "It sounds like a dance hall in here!" She always tells me that with a laugh. I decided to take a page from her book today. I turned the TV to an all music station. I didn't choose country, I chose.....


Salsa is great exercise/cleaning music. I have no idea how to salsa for real. Only what I learned off of Dancing With the Stars. That makes me darn near an expert, right? Salsa music gives me many images. First, sky high heels. I simply must dance around on my very tip toes when salsa is playing. And hip action! Lots of hip action people! Suck in those abs and wiggle those hips! It's fun. Come on, you know you want to join me! Next, you will need to float your arms a lot. And fingers...Your fingers should be spread with your middle fingers slightly lower, in a very autentico' salsa stance...See? I'm even starting to use my Latin language!

What about dusting down low? Well, when I dust down the sides of book cases, dressers, etc, I like to balance up on one leg and extend the other behind and up as far as I can. In a very sensual, salsa-ey, way mind you. Because, again, I'm pretty sure I'm an expert at salsa...Or perhaps you can squeeze your thighs together and slowly shimmy down into a crouch, then shimmy back up. Wait. Is that salsa or something entirely different? I'm not sure...

What about working your shoulders? I'm pretty sure you're going to want to shimmy that chest and hip thrust from the piano to the coffee table...Then down the hall to your bedroom (to dust you silly goose!)....

Shimmy, shimmy, thrust, thrust thrust....

Wiggle, wiggle...Stay on your toes, now!

Are those abs in tight?

Now you're getting it! Have fun! ARRIBA!!!!

Ummm, sorry, but no video for you...I may have very little shame, but I do have a little! I think it's in my little finger, but I'm not sure. I just know it's there.

So, come on! Bailar!! Bailar!! Vive la vida loca!!!

*that's dance, dance, live the crazy life for all of you gente que no hablan espanol out there*


Anonymous said...

I love dancing while I does make the process less painful.
Can't wait to see you next weekend.
Love ya

Dawn said...

I don't dance while I clean. I missed the dancing gene entirely. But I'm sure you had fun.

Marilyn said...

Shake it Baby, SHAKE!!!!!!