Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another Post on Coffee

I love coffee.

I love the way it tastes.

I love the way it smells.

The warm mug in my hands....

Wait a sec. I already covered this didn't I? Yep! I sure did. You can check that out here.

What prompted me to post this was a comment a friend made at work the other day. She said, "When Andi drinks coffee, it looks like she's having a religious experience." We all laughed at the time, because I'm sure it's kind of true. I start my day off with a cup of coffee. I often go to work and check to make sure the coffee is started before I even go to my locker or clock in. Since I love every single aspect of drinking coffee, I tend to hold the cup close to my face and inhale the aroma as I sip slowly. My eyes are often closed, and I tune every thing around me out as I savor those first few sips of rich dark wonderfulness. No additives necessary.

So, as I said, I'm sure her impression of my relationship with coffee could be true.

But it got me to thinking...

What about my time with God in the morning? Sure, I get up most mornings and do a devotion. But am I so committed to that devotion that it must be in place before any other aspect of my day can proceed, like that first cup of coffee? Am I so enchanted with the Word that I know God will give me, that I am able to tune all of my surroundings out and focus only on Him? Is my outlook visibly transformed by the Words I've eagerly drank in?


I think I know the answer to that.

Sandy, over at God Speaks Today, is doing a fast so that she may hear God speak to her more clearly. A 40 day fast to be exact. Good for Sandy! When I read her post tonight, I was reminded of my love for coffee (still haven't conceded that God may have been telling me to fast from my java), and how I would just hate to give up my self proclaimed psychotropic drug.

It's not like I use tons of caffeine. One mug in the morning, and another around 3:30 with my kids while they enjoy an after school snack. I don't usually partake of any other caffeine during the day, but still...

I have this dedication to daily cups of joe at certain times of the day. Very little gets in the way of the ritual. How sad that I don't have that dedication for the God of the universe, my personal Savior!

In Proverbs 8:17 God promises that He loves those who love Him, and those who seek Him find Him.

Matthew 6:33 tells me to seek His kingdom first and His righteousness, and all of my needs will be taken care of.

So I have to ask myself: What the heck is the deal here? Why am I so easily distracted from my time with God? Why do I place so many things before my time with Him? God is very clear that if I earnestly seek Him He will cover all of my needs (Matthew 7:7).

Well, I'm definitely going to be having some talks with God about this one. I know He will have many things to say to me.

So. How about you? What is God nudging you about today?


Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

Thanks for the link love. That means a lot to me.

And I am NOT telling anyone to give up her caffeine, sista! I told my husband today, "This fast has me feeling really good physically and spiritually, but I really, really miss coffee."

It's not even that I miss the caffeine. I just miss the experience, like you discribed. I'm drinking lots of tea, but it's not the same.

So, you pray about what God would have you to do. Don't let my fast distract you from His voice, but rather draw you into whatever He's telling you to do.

Sounds like you already know that.

Let me know how it goes.
Blessings and love,

Marilyn said...

This is not to be funny but.....I enjoy my coffer when I am having my devotion each morning as I sit on the porch and listen to and observe all of the things that God has provided for me each day And I know that all things come from Him. Even the cup of Coffee!!!!

Dawn said...

Satan doesn't care if you love Coffee. He does care if you are immersed in God's word, so he puts all these distractions there to side track you!

That was a great post and hit me right where I needed it!

Unlike the Salsa dusting which sadly didn't encourage me to exercise.....